Hello, wanderer! It looks like you got close to NEARton.

They say it's a magical town where every house is bright and unique. Different NFT species live in peace and harmony, earning passive income day by day. There are no diseases, no wars, the soil is always fertile, and the NEARbors are wise and talented. Some say they are powerful wizards who can vibe together from different hemispheres and time zones. Some even say that their hands are made of diamonds...
Central District Mint

Public Mint
Gallery Launch
Staking Launch
Public Spaces Opening
$NEXP Public Sale
February 25th, 6 pm UTC
February 27th, 6 pm UTC
More coming soon!
right after the mint
Alex Goodv1n
Raspberry An
an experienced tech lead, one of those rare talented developers who love to communicate with people
an artsy person, passionate about everything creative, be it writing, drawing, or building a community
There are two co-founders of this amazing meta town, completely dedicated to their project...
What's NEARton?
NEARton is a DeFi strategy game based on NFT Staking and a beautiful gallery for your assets, powered by NEAR Protocol. NEARton allows you to stake your NFTs and earn $NEXP, which you'll be able to spend inside and outside the town. But first of all, NEARton is the NFT Collection itself, consisting of 3000 unique houses.

Dive into our concept via NEARton whitepaper
What can I stake in NEARton?
First of all, you can stake your NEARton house. Then, you can stake NFTs from our staking partners' collections. But keep in mind that you can stake them only if you have at least one NEARton NFT.
Staking Partners
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